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1. Hard MoneyCAP uses an automated underwriting process that evaluates consumers' unique non-conventional loan request and their capacity to afford it.​

​2.  Our proprietary decision-making technology based on program matching, property eligibility, underwriting, ability to pay review, lender analytics, strategy and loan scenario modeling. ​

3. The CAP System matches the actual lender program and loan offer that will fund your deal rather than give you numbers to call.

1. Please answer a few simple questions about your loan scenario.

2. The CAP automated underwriting intelligence system matches a direct lender funding program with a real loan offer. Save weeks of headache by searching 5112 funding programs and 362 lenders with one simple click.

3. Finally armed with the comfort of knowing you found a loan program and a loan offer to fund your deal, accept the call from your chosen lender!

Free Service No Cost


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